Module 37 Sample Questions

Module 37 Sample Questions

What do you understand your role and responsibilities are?

How will you balance your work, home life with running a section?

With regard to a parent helping in the same section as their child – how would you respond to issues regarding your child with other members, leaders and how do you think your child will feel/respond?

What skills can you bring to your role in the section?

What aspect of scouting do you think you might have difficulties with?

What do you mean by attitude?

Can you give an example of a time when you have been loyal to a group or organisation?

How would you encourage young people to respect themselves and each other/other people?

When would you have the opportunity to demonstrate care in your role?

How would you encourage co-operation within your group?

How could you encourage a young person to explore their own faith and belief?

How would you ensure balanced view of faiths and spirituality is given to the young people?

What skills and qualities do you feel you bring to Scouting?

What do you expect to get out of Scouting, how will it help you?

How much time do you expect to have to give to Scouting?

If someone e.g. GSL or commissioner makes a decision you don’t agree with, how would you handle it?

What has been your involvement and responsibilities with the group so far?

Describe briefly what you think you can offer to scouting?

How to you see your intentions as a leader within the group and scout movement?

Have you seen or been made aware of the principles & values of the fundamentals of scouting? If so can you describe one?

How would you describe yourself as a team player?

What support have you been given / offered at the moment?

How would you approach helping the young people in your section develop their own faiths and values?

How would you deal with a patrol who wished to follow a course of action that you do not agree with?

  • For example the patrol would like J. to become the patrol leader instead of your preferred choice

What do you expect the time commitment to be?

  • Have you considered camps, training etc.?
  • Baring that in mind how would that fit in with you family and work commitments?

How would you deal with a young person questioning you about faith/ clarification on a point of faith?

If you felt unable to give a qualified response where/who would you ask or where would you look for the answer?