Training Validations and Issue of Wood Badges

All adults in Scouting are repsonsible for completeing the training associated with their role. Each adult is issued with a personal file and can access the modular training scheme details on the UK Scouts website.

Training must be completed in a timely fashion, with Getting Started completed within 5 months of commencement in a role and Woodbadges (if required) completed with 3 years of commencement in a role.

Regularly moving roles does not remove the requirement to be trained according to role specifics.

Adults must also ensure that their ongoing learning is up-to-date including Safeguarding and First Response.

Each adult will be supported in this by their GSL as line manager and also by the LTM (Local Training manager) who supports and organises training in their district.

LTMs will pass along details of training in neighbouring districts (where this is open to all) and will also organise training locally where there is the need.

LTMs will also pass along details of training held centrally at WSC and any other adult support events.

Once any Training or Learning has been completed the Module(s) will need to be validated by: 

  • The individuals personal Training Advisor (TA) or
  • By attending a District or County Drop-In Session with a TA


The individual should keep a copy of their updated Personal Learning Plan (PLP) so that they are aware of their next steps. The original PLP can be held by their TA or LTM.

TAs, once they Validate Modules will pass the validation information to the appropriate LTM who will then update the adults training record on Compass.

LTMs will email the CTM once they know that an adult has successfully completed all validations necessary for a Wood Badge. The CTM will then log into compass, and if all is present and correct be able to recommend the issue of a Wood Badge from HQ.